Cold brew 124 is the new cold coffee

Il cold brew 124 è il nuovo caffè freddo
Ah, Italy and its sacred cult of coffee! You might think that our squares are saturated with coffee styles and techniques of all sorts, yet, the arrival of summer brings with it an indispensable desire for freshness, pushing many to look for refreshing alternatives to the traditional cup of boiling espresso.

It is in this context that iced coffee, typically an espresso with chilled sugar, is often chosen as the savior of the homeland, offering relief during the heat of summer. While it may seem like the perfect antidote to summer misery, iced coffee has some less pleasant nuances to consider.

But traditional iced coffee brings two problems. The first is the immediate energy peak, thanks to the high concentration of sugar and caffeine, which however then leads to a sense of fatigue and tiredness. Second problem: caffeine is diuretic, and chilled espresso, often consumed in quantities larger than the normal cup, can dehydrate the body. The risk? Consume it and forget to top up with water.

But fear not, coffee lovers, we have a brilliant solution for you: the 124, Best Cold Brew . This refreshing alternative to cold espresso has the answers to the above problems, plus a delicious flavor that can be enjoyed even without the addition of sugar.

How do you get this heavenly drink? The 124 Best Cold Brew is produced using the highest quality coffee, coming from those small farmers on the Sidamo plateau, in Ethiopia, who know the art of cultivating high-quality grains by heart. The result? A pleasant flavor that does not require sweetening. Clearly, if you prefer a sweet note, you can add a little sugar, but certainly less than a traditional espresso.

But it doesn't end here. A small bottle of 124 Best Cold Brew contains the same amount of caffeine as two cups of espresso, but with 5 times the amount of water. This means that by drinking 124 Best Cold Brew , you will not only get your dose of caffeine, but you will also contribute to hydrating your body, expelling toxins and keeping your body healthy.

The other advantage? You can sip it. Slow and constant consumption allows for gradual assimilation of caffeine, avoiding the peaks and drops in energy typical of cold espresso.

In conclusion, coffee lovers, welcome your new summer ally. The 124 Best Cold Brew is here to offer a winning combination of taste, hydration and gradual energy release. Add a pinch of sugar if you want, but remember: when summer arrives, there is nothing more refreshing and healthy than 124!


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