Hello, here you will find only origin traced coffee

in grains, ground or ready to drink in a glass bottle

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Cool Words & Awards

"A coffee juice to keep in the fridge"

Greedy Magpie

"Innovation is often a flash of wit of disarming simplicity"

Pg. 82/84

Ernesto Brambilla - Newspaper
Best Innovation 2022

"From the name of a legendary car model, an extraction that looks to the future and is based on the intuitions of a physicist, lent to the world of beans"

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Fabio Molinari - The gourmand

Award of excellence and high quality awarded annually by the external commission of

Wine Hunter Awards

The Merano Wine Hunter
Excellence is an attitude

Drink 124, the new energy and thirst-quenching non-alcoholic drink developed in Italy

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Beaver food
The portal to the world of Beverage

From lockdown to cold brew: Drink 124, the drink with origin-traced coffee that you don't expect

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Carlotta Mariani

Drink 124 can be mixed for new cocktails or revisiting the great classics: espresso Martini, Americano, Old Fashioned or Negroni

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Camilla Rocca
Salt and pepper

Drink 124 enters right into the preparation rites for traditional desserts such as tiramisu. Furthermore, bartenders use it to make alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks

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Food Affairs