Nº 124: The Magic Drink

N 124 e panoramix

The magical drink par excellence is that of the druid Getafix. Not knowing the recipe, we had to go ahead with trials and errors for inventing our N 124, but ended up with what seems to us something close to the mythical potion.

Times have changed since the Gauls needed magical potions to disrupt legions of Romans. Nowadays, we always use wood and stone to make our tools, but the former is extracted fossilized as oil and transformed into plastic, the latter from silicon becomes microchips: our tools are computers, and a magic potion must take this difference into account.

Cimpanzé caffè

We are brainy primates. It is our brain that demands high quality food. It wants sugars, which it consumes in large quantities, but also aromas. It wants exciting substances, but wants to be able to rest when it feels the need. It is very demanding. And since it doesn't want to feel too guilty, at least the conscious part of the brain demands that what we ingest is healthy, that it does not poison the body.

No. 124 was created with these needs in mind.

No sugar, no blues

It is true that the brain wants sugar, but putting refined sugars into our bodies is bad. To our brain and to our body. We all know it - and for this reason 124 has no added sugars: its sweetness, slightly citrusy, comes entirely from the coffee beans.


There are so many stimulants for the brain. Not all of them are good. All of them are bad in large quantities or concentrations. Caffeine, for example, has been known for thousands of years to have the effect of increasing the ability to focus. But if you take a double espresso, in a hurry, the only effect will be a galloping heart and a feeling of panic.

The concentration of caffeine in N 124 is about one fifth that in the Arabica coffee espresso, up to one tenth for the Robusta. Sipping a 250ml bottle of N 124 in an hour, while in a meeting, lecturing, or just chatting to friends, allows your brain to stay alert, yet relaxed.


Caffeine not only increases resistance to fatigue, it is also a bronchodilator. And unlike the cortisone ones ... it is not considered doping. Between a tennis match and another, before a game of soccer and a walk in the mountains, N 124 allows you to get off to a good start. Plus, thanks to the amount of water contained in the drink, you stay hydrated.

Natural Medicine

N 124 is not a medicine, but, being a drink produced from coffee, it has various properties appreciated in the medical field

  1. As mentioned, it is a bronchodilator, so it is suitable for colds (you can drink it hot!) And hay allergies
  2. It Helps prevent some types of cancer. Various studies that you find below show that a daily consumption of caffeine reduces the incidence of tumors of the colon, endometrium (uterus), liver, pharynx and oral cavity ^.

Scents, stress and performance

Without wishing to exaggerate with amazing claims about aromatherapy, there are studies that show that our attention span, and our intellectual performance, increase when we are exposed to pleasant scents.

The aromas of N 124 have nothing to do with the espresso from the typical café or the powder we put in the moka pot. Comparing N 124's coffee beans to these is like comparing the Nebbiolo grapes from the Langhe Barolos to those used for Tavernello Wine. Both have their merits, but if you feel plum, raspberry and rose in Barolo it is because each Nebbiolo plant produces a single, hand-picked, bunch, while Tavernello, with over one million hectoliters produced per year, must look more at consistency. of quality rather than excellence.

So: pour your 124 into a glass, let it oxygenate, smell it, drink it and appreciate its aftertaste.

Your brain will be grateful to you.

Italian Cancer Association (AIRC): to be able to worry about alleged "carcinogenic" doses of coffee we would have to reach 400 cups of espresso a day.

Does coffee protect against hepatocellular carcinoma? 
Coffee Consumption and Its Impact on Health

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