The online joins the physical

We believe that the physical store remains the irreplaceable point of reference for the discovery of a high-end product. No website can involve a buyer as much as a welcoming place, no algorithm advises with the foresight of the shopkeeper, and no photograph can replace the pleasure of holding the real product in your hands.
But once the product is discovered, the buyer will find it more and more natural to buy online.

What if the shops were paid for discovering the most interesting products?

In the digital world, you can make money by referring visitors to an e-commerce site: this will pay a percentage for the referral.

Café 124 has decided to reproduce the same mechanism off the web. A shop that makes a customer discover a product earns even if in the future the customer will buy online on the Café 124 website.

How does it work

Each physical store that sells Café 124 products receives product information (where the coffee beans come from, how they have been treated, how the drink is made) plus a personal discount coupon that the merchant will leave to his customers for l digital purchase.


MGM Alimentari offers coffee drink N ° 124 and single-origin coffee traced to the origin of Café 124 in its quality shop. \

MGM Alimentari advertises the existence of the "" site through postcards and flyers, displayed in the restaurant, which explain the reason for the choice, the quality of the product, and in addition offers a personalized discount code - for example MGM124 - of 10% , valid for one year.

Every time there is a purchase with the MGM124 discount code, Café 124 will turn 15% of the receipt to MGM Alimentari.

Advantages of the Café 124 program

  • Accumulation of goods in the warehouse is avoided
  • The customer is given a product traced at the origin and always fresh
  • The shop becomes a collection center for goods with the possibility of creating upselling with the presence of the customer