Hello, and welcome to Café 124! We're Mario Alemi and Ivan Marchese, the brains behind this coffee adventure, and we're thrilled to share our journey with you.

Originally neighbors in Milan, bonded by a mutual love for coffee, we seized the opportunity during lockdown to bring Café 124 to life.

The name pays homage to Mario's cherished 1983 Pininfarina Fiat Spider 124, a symbol of Italian elegance and style. During those challenging months, we found solace in cold brew coffee—crafted through an 8 to 12-hour infusion process using beans handpicked by Mario from Europe's top roasters.

As restrictions eased, we shared our cold brew creations with friends, and the response was overwhelming. Captivated by the intricate flavors, demand soared, prompting us to turn our passion into a professional venture. However, we soon encountered a hurdle: our production process was slow and labor-intensive.

Determined to innovate, we developed a homemade solution, drastically reducing our extraction time to just 15 minutes. This breakthrough paved the way for Café 124's official launch as a startup. Today, we import raw, specialty coffee beans from Brazil, Ethiopia, Indonesia, and Peru, meticulously selected by expert tasters worldwide.

But our mission extends beyond delivering high-scoring coffee; we're champions of ethical sourcing, advocating for environmentally-conscious practices and fair treatment of farmers. Our ultimate aim? To redefine coffee culture by showcasing the versatility of cold brew, proving that coffee appreciation knows no bounds.

With our range of products, we cater to bars, restaurants, hotels, and any establishment in need of a caffeine boost! From blending events to tastings, we're dedicated to sharing our passion with you. Join us on this exciting journey—follow us on social media, reach out to learn more, and support us by exploring our online store just a click away!