Nº 124 Our Signature Drink

Don't call it Cold Brew

N ° 124 is produced through a mix of water and coffee from small plantations.

Why is it not a "cold brew"– or cold extracted coffee?

  • Its flavor has nothing to do with any other coffee drink. The extraction process is proprietary, and makes Nº 124 look more like a non-alcoholic burgundy white wine than any other "coffee drink".
  • It undergoes a mechanical pre-pasteurization process, which allows a storage period of over 3 months in the refrigerator. The fresher it is, the tastier it is, but even after months it remains ... super!
  • The coffee used is of excellent quality.
  • It does not contain added sugars and gases


  • With its lightness it invites you to drink a healthy drink at regular intervals throughout the day
  • It contains a high quantity of chlorogenic acid (typical of coffee not burnt by roasting), which guarantees a better assimilation of caffeine and limits the occurrence of gastritis and tachycardia.
  • It is ideal to be eaten cold but can be heated up to 70º
  • It can serve as an alternative ingredient for a great homemade drink